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Gee whiz…life may have meaning after all…

Check out the story here.

From the Newark Advocate:

“The Association of American Publishers reported in February that sales of so-called “e-books” — such as Kindle — now for the first time exceed sales of either hardcover or paperback books. Sales were about $70 million in January for e-books as compared to $49 million for hardcovers and $39 million for paperbacks.”

Not sure if anyone but authors and publishing types care about crap like this but I’m gonna talk about it any way.

Last week Barry Eisler, who writes the wildly successful John Rain thrillers, announced he’s turning down his half a million dollar advance to self-publish his future stuff on Kindle and through other self publishing routes. Joe Konrath, who also writes as Jack Kilborn, decided this a while ago and has been crazy successful being his own man.

I know Joe pretty well and he’s been a huge friend to me in the writing business. We did the novella “Planter’s Punch” which was a Kindle best seller for five months last year. We just signed an audio deal for the collection, too. I’ve met Barry a few times and he’s a really nice guy always willing to help up and coming writers..

These guys are heroes and role models for me so my next Duffy book, “The Vegas Knockout” will be published on Kindle and Createspace.

What’s that mean for readers?

Nothing really.

You can already get all my stuff on Kindle and other ebook distributors. If you’re not a Kindle person the book will be available in traditional paper too.

Just wanted to let you know I’m all in with the Kindle.

Look for the “The Vegas Knockout” in a couple of months.

The New York Times is now free for kindle users. Check it out.

I guess Amazon reacts to publicity. Check it out here.

Just give ’em a little taste…

Kindle users buy more books than old tree-killing readers so Amazon is giving away Kindles. Sure they have to front the original cost but then they have a customer for life buying more and more ebooks.

“Psst…buddy, yeah you over by the James Patterson…wanna little taste?”

You know, for the beach…

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Do you like being creeped out? Read Crouch.

He has a way of writing stuff that either makes you uneasy, scares you, or makes you think–a lot.

In Luminous Blue he asks the question; what would you do if you looked exactly like a famous celebrity and decided to live their life? A very cool premise and the storyline adds plenty of twists and turns.

Don’t look for the cliche nor the storybook happy ending in any of Crouch’s stuff. he’s just not that type of guy.