Magazine Work

For those of you who just know me as the guy who writes the Duffy books here’s a bunch of the magazine articles I’ve written.

Bark Therapy

Here’s an article I wrote about taking Riley, my hound with a few issues, to a bunch of new age therapists.

Green With Anger

A satirical piece on the green movement that drew some harsh mail.

The DMV Manual Revisited

My twisted take on the absurdity of  the driving manual…

Rink Rash Is Sexy

I begged them to let me do this article on women’s roller derby.

Prescription For Addiction

A serious article on drugs in the Suburbs…

Bachelor Parties

The good, the bad and the ugly…

Manhattanites Upstate

A funny look at all the people who think they’re so cool because they’re from the 212.

My buddy, actor, (and golfer) James McCaffrey

A guy from the neighborhood who is now a big shot actor…and still a real good guy

Golf in the Catskills

I did about 20 articles on golf; a sport I don’t like, watch or, I dare say, respect.

One Armed Bandits and Their Four-Legged Friends

An article on the Yonkers racino…

Elvis Tribute Artist, Shawn Klush in Arlinginton MA and in Albany, NY

I’ve gotten to meet Shawn and interview him a bunch of times. He’s a good guy and puts on a great show. If I could do what he does for a living I would.

Crazy Kittens Syndrome & Introducing Dogs and Cats

From my days at Catfancy…(stop snickering)

Click “Here” for a bunch of articles I wrote for The Business Review. Everything from ice cream to commodities to trade schools to car racing. Good for sleepless nights!