FIGHTING 50 In and Out of the Ring…Rough Day In the Ring

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Fighting 50 in and out of the ring, Uncategorized
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I haven’t sparred in a couple of months because of travel,my trainer’s schedule, judging fights and vacation. I’ve been working out but I haven’t been sparring.

Sunday I got back into it and felt awful.

I was sore from a Friday boxing workout and that might have made the joints creakier than usual but I think it had more to do with muscle memory. Sparring felt foreign, not at all natural and my movement felt clunky.

I figured the first round would warm me up.

It didn’t.

The toughest blow wasn’t a head or body shot it was to the ego. I could tell my trainer was holding off. He always brings it to my ability but I could tell even if he didn’t say much that he was being careful.

I went straight back. I left the jab out. I gave ground too easy. I clinched stupidly.

I’m glad i did it. I’ll be better next time if not too much time goes by which is a big if.

My shoulders tightened up bad that night which also told me how tense I was.

I hope this isn’t the week Holyfield calls.

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  1. Hugo Spindola says:


    When I was 32, I was playing in a flag football league on my brother-in-law’s company team. Our QB was 35 and rubbing Icy Hot on both shoulders, elbows and knees before putting on a multitude of rubber sleeves and braces. My then 36 year old brother-in-law, a Tony Gonzalez look-a-like, just stretched and tried to convince me to do the same. I told half seriously told him, “I didn’t need to stretch in high school or college, and I’m not starting now!”

    Looking across the field, we were playing another company team comprised of a bunch of young bucks who were fresh out of college and no more than 24. I looked at my teammates and saw the “Over The Hill Gang” instead of the “The Bandits”. Playing wide receiver, I was pressed into kick return duties because someone pulled a hamstring while, you guessed it, performing pre-game stretches. I was pleased to return the opening kickoff about 35 yards and took my turn at wideout. After about six plays, I waive in a teammate because I was out of gas fending off very tight coverage. My rest last 1 play because our QB threw his first of half a dozen interceptions that day. I had to run back in and play cornerback. After covering my man well for a series of downs, that sideline with ice cold Gatorade looked pretty good.

    After the game ended, I noted that I played up to the competition for most of the game but I just didn’t have “it” left in me. My brother-in-law agreed that he wasn’t feeling it either. I decided to call it a “career” and resume my love of golf on a full-time basis. My brother-in-law stuck it out for one more game and blew out a hamstring which still bugs him to this day. Much like Roberto Duran, he said “No Mas!” and only plays company softball.

    The moral to this story is, sometimes the body tells you when it is time to hang them up. It is our responsibility to listen.

    Hope all is well my friend,


    • tjs9261 says:

      Uh-o…Hugo you’re giving me a warning aren’t you…

      But, but, but…

      • Hugo Spindola says:


        I’m 42 now and wish I was in half as good a shape as you are in. However, I packed it in, contact sports-wise, 10 years ago.

        Much like George Foreman and Bernard Hopkins, you are defying the laws of aging and I salute you. God bless!

        Always remember to keep your hands up at all times!

        Your buddy,


      • tjs9261 says:

        much like George and Bernard, huh?

        You are very kind….

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