One Clean Shot

Posted: April 22, 2012 in The Duffy Dombrowski Fight Club, Uncategorized
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Okay, you’re threatened by an imposing character. it is going to get physical.

You have no choice.

But your opponent is a talker and makes the mistake of leaving himself open for one clean shot.

Where do you strike?


  1. D. B. Dean says:

    I uses the fact that i am female to lure him in – fear and cowering
    fake right as if to run – he follows movement to block
    reverse direct to left with fore arm to face (jumping up and twisting core to add body weight and rotation to hit.

    bone hits face – eyes water – persons natural instinct is to bend at waist
    making me able to grab back of head with hands and slam my knee into face again (and then again – love those double knee smashes) then push him to the ground.. and RUNNNNNNNNNN

    I am no dummy…ditch those heels and RUNNNNNNNN

    • le0pard13 says:

      Krav Maga? The non-running part.

      • D. B. Dean says:

        kempo and kick boxing with some ju jitsu thrown in, coupled with be raised by, related to and married to cops. (recalling a time my husband came home from work, i ran over all “honey!!” he grabbed me, swept feet out from under me, and cuffed me then stood up and went “2 point 4 seconds”…. the rest of my family found it HILARIOUS…

  2. I’m gonna go with “balls”.

  3. le0pard13 says:

    Breathing, or lack of, would be what I’d try. I was thinking of the thumb jab into that soft area of the throat just above where the collar bones come together (sorry, I don’t know the name of the move… demonstrated by Sean Connery’s character in Rising Sun). Then as he tries to catch his breath, pick up the largest thing I muster and hit him with it. Then run (can’t minimize what D.B. Dean has already said).

  4. Pam Stack says:

    Heel of hand – upper cut to nose – nose in brain – buh-bye!

  5. Squall says:

    Given my innate natural strength, a stiff right cross to the chin should do the job.

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