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From Amazon Vine reviewer, Rick Mitchell (who isn’t even related to me nor does he own a basset hound!)

Other reviewers have compared Mr. Schreck to Coben and Parker. They are absolutely right. He is definitely in that league. I was shocked this is his third book. I immediately went and bought his first. This book has all the humor, intelligence and human warmth of their best stuff.

This book has a few intrigues going on at once. Like the best of Parker and Coben, Schreck’s main character, the professional sparring partner and social worker, Duffy Dombrowski, is well-developed and with great depth. This enables the plot to include some real human interest elements to go with the humor and the mysteries.

Although classified as a mystery, this is not a standard whodunit. Duffy is going through life in his usual take-it-as-it-comes manner. There is a parallel under story of murders of Mexicans in Las Vegas, but this does not impact him for quite some time. For most of the book, Duffy is dealing with the vagaries of being employed by the Russian mob.

There is a lot of good humor here to go with the good story lines. Duffy’s “posse” of four, who normally don’t leave their usual bar stools is priceless. Their conversations are laugh out loud funny while being perfectly believable despite their absurdity. Duffy’s bassett hound, Al, adds to the book in unforeseen ways.

I have only one caution. In the first 60 or so pages, there was a lot of scatological humor that would put a 14 year old boy on his knees with guffaws, but not so much for adults. I was pleased and relieved that after that start, the humor became much richer.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough for a good fun read.

  1. Nice review, Tom! The book rocks.

    Related to this…
    Two nights ago I was having the worst time finding the “post your review” link so I could post my brilliantly crafted piece of arse-lathering for TVKO.
    I finally see but something like “‘The Vegas Knockout’ can only be reviewed by Amazon Vine Members” on the page.
    Do-lan De-nied.

    Amazon invites one to become a Vine Member based upon how helpful one’s reviews have been. One cannot apply to be a Vine Member.

    I have reviewed 7 books and am in need of some “YES, this review was helpful to me” votes from Schrecknation.

    If anyone is inclined to throw me some reviewer-love I’d appreciate it.
    I’ll then be able to post a little something about Duffy & Al’s latest!

    Links to my reviews below:

    Thank you~~

  2. Tybes says:

    I gotta admit, I don’t know what scatological means?

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