Ten Random Things Starting at 3:45am

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Not thinking real clearly but wanted to check in. Let’s go over some things.

1. I have been taking Sudafed for two days. I feel like my whole body is humming like a power wire

2. Judging from the commercials aired at 3:45am people up at this hour have problems with urinating, falling down and getting hurt at work a lot and are confused vocationally.

3. I wish I slept as well as the bloodhound who gets me up this early.

4.  The tv news rarely reports happy things

5. A 49 year old pilot flipped out last night. I’m 50 and I can relate to wanting to flip out.

6. Most things I worry about are bullshit

7. A lot of people are annoying

8. The kid getting shot in Florida really sucks. Not sure how ripping off a Walgreens is a sign of support.

9. When I try to meditate I work on not thinking and trying to feel like I exist only as part of everything else. Thoughts almost never stop coming but counting quietly seems to help.

10. I’m going on vacation in a week and am nervous about it. People say that’s crazy but I’ve gotten use to it. I like structure

  1. Hi Tom, I know what that feels like. I’ve been taking cold and flu tablets for a few days now, and I can’t sleep because I can’t stop coughing. I don’t usually catch colds, but when I do they hit hard. Mainly because I’m a talkaholic and when I get a virus I usually lose my voice. I did manage to croak through my volunteer job though, taking phone calls for a wildlife rescue charity.

    Being awake at night always makes mild problem seem unsolvable, but in the morning they don’t seem so bad, well mostly.

    We’ve had gremlins in our water for months. First the cold tap in the main bathroom wouldn’t work unless it was left it on for ten minutes, then our hot water tank started making weird noises at night. My husband kept saying the tap wouldn’t work because there must be an airlock in the pipes. He kept turning all the taps on, but that didn’t work, I insisted something must have broken off behind the the tap, but he didn’t agree. Then after weeks of nagging, he checked but just to prove I was wrong. But guess what? I was right. The last washer that he put in had jammed into the hole, blocking out the water. It was the wrong type of washer. LOL. Anyway he changed it and presto! We had water in the shower again. I did manage to have one shower before the water gremlins came back, which was the next morning.

    Water jinx number three. The water pump that sends water to our house from the rainwater tank kept staying on. We called the company and the guy couldn’t come out to fix it for a two week as we live in a rural area. So every time we needed to use water, we had to turn the switch on and off. That was a pain, especially the loo. Good job we didn’t have visitors. When the guy finally came to fix the pump I didn’t even complain about the bill or that we had to wait for him to order parts. I just couldn’t wait for him to go so I could have a shower and do the washing. He checked that the pump was working and left. Humming, I turned the taps on, but they didn’t work. Had to ring him to come back but then had to wait a couple of days. Today he came back and found another part of the pump that had gone too. He fixed it with more parts and left. Now we have a whole new pump made out of different parts. It ended up costing as much as a new one, but the guy gave us a longer warranted and the parts are steel not plastic like the original pump. So today even though I couldn’t sleep from coughing, it was a good day. After two weeks we had water again. And guess what? The hot water tank has stopped making noises in the middle of the night. I think it had something to do with the lack of pressure from the dodgy pump we had bought three years ago. So now we have a working tap, pump and hot water system again. But it’s 2.00 am, so what am I still doing awake? Coughing.

    I told you I was a talkaholic, well even with a cough I can talk with my fingers. Aren’t you glad you brought up the subject of not sleeping, Tom?

    Make sure you don’t let your guard down when you go on vacation, ’cause that’s when folks get sick. Just keep worrying about it and you’ll fight bugs better. Have a great holiday! Sorry about the ear bashing. I couldn’t sleep and your blog post came in my email.

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