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Yvonne of Socrates’s Cozy Cafe  lives in New York with her husband and three cats. She has a full time

job and is also, an aspiring author. She’s completed four romance

novels and is currently trying to write a cozy mystery.

She reads many different genres – cozy mysteries, romances, thrillers and

suspense and enjoys a little of everything. Most of the time she can be

found online on different online groups (for both books and TV shows).

1. What really gets your interest in a mystery?

If the author can keep me guessing until the end, that’s a huge hook for me. I need

a mystery going throughout the entire book for me to stick with it.

2. What bores the hell out of you?

Knowing right up from “whodunnit”. I prefer to keep guessing throughout the book,

even if I guess early on who the culprit is. I just don’t like knowing definitively

up front who is responsible. Also, if it’s part of a series, I don’t like too much

re-hashing of things we know from previous books. If the reader is interested, they

should get the previous books and read them. The current book should be new

material more than old material.

3. What cliches would you really like to see go away?

The butler did it? No, seriously I don’t want to see the heroine have to wait for

hero (or any guy) to save the day. More often than not, the heroines are strong and

can help themselves.

4. What topics, themes etc would you like to see more of in mysteries?

I’m one of the rare people who still likes amnesia and serial killer stories. I

know they are over done, but I enjoy them.

5. What mistakes do you think authors make?

I think it’s a major mistake to kill off animals in books. It’s a major pet peeve

of mine – I cannot tolerate an animal being killed for any reason. There have been

times in the past when I’ve stopped reading a book for that reason or, if I heard

about it in advance, I wouldn’t read it. That being said, Stephen King is a

favorite of mine and he does that sometimes and I’ve been able to accept it with no

problem. Maybe it’s because of the paranormal aspects of his books.

Another thing – I don’t particularly like when we are led to believe someone is the

culprit only to find out that it was a secret twin the reader never knew even

existed. That just seems like a cop out to me. Also, having readers trying to

solve a mystery but then tossing in info at the end that the readers didn’t know

about – therefore, couldn’t possibly solve the mystery. I’m not saying the mystery

should be easy to solve, but don’t toss in a curve readers didn’t know existed (like

a twin or something like that).

6. Do you write? Would you like to?

Yes and yes. I’ve written four manuscripts of romance novels. I intended them for

Harlequin and Silhouette, but they were rejected. This was years ago. My interests

have now turned towards cozy mysteries so I’m going to try my hand at writing for

that genre.

7. Who are your favorites?

I have so many favorite authors…James Patterson, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich,

Leann Sweeney, Denise Swanson, Rita Mae Brown, Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Laura

Levine, Jill Shalvis, Charlaine Harris and there are so many more. I can be here

all day listing my favorites.

8. Why did you start reviewing? If you really hate a book will you still review it?

I never actually meant to review books. Years ago I was on different

online groups and they asked if we wanted to review. It sounded like

something fun, so I agreed. I was sent many manuscripts, ARCs, galleys

and I started reviewing. I enjoyed it very much but those groups ended

and I stopped reviewing. Since I started my blog three years ago, I’ve

been approached by authors, publishers, and publicists to review

different books and I’ve accepted them. It’s fun and I’ve “discovered”

new-to-me authors. I’m overwhelmed by the number of requests I have

received. I wish I could accept them all, but it’s impossible.

I choose the books I want to review very carefully since my time is

limited. I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll like. If I start

reading something I really don’t like, I won’t continue reading. If I

don’t read the complete book, I won’t review it at all. I don’t think

it’s fair for me to review a book I didn’t finish.

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