don’t be THAT guy…the eye contact, no hello

Posted: February 16, 2012 in don't be THAT guy
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I’m walking two of my dogs this morning and down the side-walk comes a guy. Just a guy walking to work or school but I notice he’s staring at me.

I know I got a few hundred pounds of hound on leashes but I make eye contact with the guy for a sold four seconds.

I say; “Good mornin’.”

He puts his head down and keeps walking.


Look pal, you opened the social convention door by looking at me, now it’s time to follow through. I know I’m a sight with my canines but you made human eye contact and it’s time to respond.

Is it that they think they’re giving up a measure of power by offering a hello?

Are they fearful that if they say hello I will somehow become Jerry Sandusky and ask them for a shower?

There are many variations on this. There’s the woman who makes eye contact and when you say “hello” she turns away like your salutation was the equivalent of a Richard Speck date proposal. There’s also the marginal head nod that somehow communicates that they are far too important and preoccupied to engage their tongue and lips in motor activity. There’s also the pursed lip, quick look away that let’s me know that my friendly offering is equivalent to a leper saying “Shake!”

C’mon people, it ain’t that hard.

Just say “hello”.

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  1. It was me. I didn’t say “Hello” because I don’t like you. I did, however, say hello to your dogs. You just didn’t hear it because it’s out of human hearing range. It goes like this ” .” Oh, I guess it’s out of human visual range, too.

    • tjs9261 says:

      My dogs don’t speak English. One is of Belgium extract and the other is French. You ethnocentric son of a bitch…hold it…they are the sons(and daughters) of bitches…but not in a bad way.

      You’re just a jerk Rivest.

      • That’s MR. Jerk to you.

        I’m glad I broke my knuckle on your head, penis breath. But I do wish you’d get famous so I can cash-in that sparring story for a one-nighter some time. Now, when I say, “I broke my knuckle on Tom Schreck’s head,” she just says, “I’ve told you a million times, I wouldn’t have sex with you if the universe were to reach maximum entrope and we were all about to die in a cataclysmic heat death.”

  2. Women do it to. There’s a woman I see almost every day – she stares, makes full on eye contact but doesn’t speak. So I do, when I see her I say hello and smile. And she looks away. WTF?
    She’s a lot shorter than me and I walk with a 37kg Greyhound (with no effort at all Romeo could lick her face), I’m not freaking invisible!
    She has stared at me for the last two years and her friend does it too.
    Guess that’s just how they are.

    And every time I say hello. 🙂

  3. tjs9261 says:

    Even better…

  4. tjs9261 says:

    yeah, but she says it in a NICE way…sometimes “Not even if the world was ending” means “maybe”…

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