Devaluing People–“Prostitute’s” Body Found –Why Does “Prostitute” Get Top Billing?

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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When does a person stop being a person?

Why when the remains of these women are found on Long Island the fact that they were prostitutes comes before anything else?

If a woman worked as a prostitute she was still a person first. She was not less than a person, a lower form of life or a different type of human.

Labels devalue. Think of that whenever you give someone a title before you give them their personhood

  1. Stacy Krueger says:

    I agree completely. Labels are dangerous and ignore any aspect of a person that is outside said label.

  2. michael rivest says:

    You’re so right, Tom. There seem to be certain people similarly devalued by a label. How often have we seen, for instance, “Homeless Man Beaten?”

    On the other hand, we might also see others labeled, but without negative association – “Student Assaulted,” “Priest Robbed,” even “City Official Mugged.” Not sure why…

    I know we wouldn’t see: “One-Armed Man Applauds Verdict.” “Iraqi Head Seeks Arms.” “Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge.”

  3. Thomas Pluck says:

    The whole treatment of the murder of Shannon Gilbert in Long Island has been disgusting. She runs, asks for help, and disappears in a body dump site. The cops were about to give up. One said she probably fell in the mud. They’ve treated her as a non=person for this whole investigation.
    I don’t understand how the guy who solicited her – who said she left after he didn’t want sex after all- is walking free.

  4. Water coolers for offices…

    […]Devaluing People–”Prostitute’s” Body Found –Why Does “Prostitute” Get Top Billing? « Tom Schreck[…]…

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