Crap Roxie Thinks…

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Crap Roxie thinks...
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New segment today…

Let’s look at what is on Roxie’s mind.

  1. The big guy is drinking a smoothie. I want it. Now.

2. The pretty one is watching that show about cooking. She’s nice but the show  is stupid.

3. What’s that smell?

4. Maybe I’ll go mess with Wilbur.

5. The big guy takes too long with the smoothie.

6. What’s that smell?

7. My privates itch.

8. The pretty one fell asleep.

9. What’s that smell?

10. The shit in the backyard tasted like shit this   morning.

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  1. Kathy Reid says:

    So just WHEN are we going to see a book about ROXIE??!!! :-))

    • tjs9261 says:

      You know…I got a new book with a new woman veteran who may need to go find her old army bloodhound and bring her back to the USA…hmmm…then she could meet this handsome fighter and his basset hound…whatyathink?

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