My sparring diary 11/27/11

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Boxing, Fighting 50 in and out of the ring, The Duffy Dombrowski Fight Club
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I felt better going to the gym yesterday.

I slept better and though I did a lot of yard work the day before my body loosened up well.

This week I wanted to focus on “seeing” while I was sparring. last week I took a right hand that was hard and needless because iI backed up tall, didn’t have my legs under me and lost sight of my opponent.

I was determined to not let that happen this week.

In the first round I concentrated on being relaxed and staying busy with my jab. if you’re busy with the jab it keeps your opponent from coming in on you…for awhile. My guard was high, my legs were bent and I was moving well. My stamina felt good. The round ended.

My trainer said he was going to pick up the intensity and try to score on me when I left my jab out and when I squared up. That meant this round was going to be harder. i stayed focused on keeping my balance, bending my knees, getting the jab out…and back.

He kept at me harder and i took a right hand early. No problem, I saw it and it landed but I was ready. My trainer is shorter than me and never, ever backs up. Now he was n me forward and I was doing my best to stick and move. The problem with that is it is tiring…very tiring. It was getting harder to focus on all of the things I wanted to do because my legs were fatigued and my arms were tired.

I got caught in the corner but handled it well. My guard was high and my knees were bent but due to being tired i let my elbows get just a tad wider thab they should’ve been. I paid some tuition with an uppercut.

Later, I timed him coming in and landed a good solid uppercut and spun out. that felt really good.

The third round started and I was heaving. i tried to stay relax and keep my legs underneath me but its hard to stay in a crouch when you’re beat. I forced myself to throw combinations to keep him off me. He answered back and my guard was high so he through three punches into my sides. I felt them but it was better than getting hit in the head. i tied him up three times in the last minute and the round ended.

I asked my trainer how to keep from making fundamental mistakes when you’re really tired. he answered with a real gem of genius.

“There’s no secret. That’s boxing.”



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