Bloodhound finds bad guy, gets stabbed…Second bloodhound finds friend AND nails the scumbag

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Dogs, Cats, Pets, Animals, Uncategorized
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In Aiken County, GA a couple of dirt bags stole an 18 wheeler.

The troopers called out the bloodhound tracking team and they got to work. The terrain was rough and the handler and the hound got separated.

That didn’t stop the bloodhound.

Not even close.

The hound found the perp–and the-less-than-piece-of-shit stabbed the hound in the back of the neck and ran away.

Now the troopers had three problems. A missing bloodhound, a bleeding bloodhound and a perp on the loose.

The solution–get another bloodhound.

Stab my friend? Really? Here I Come!

The second bloodhound found his buddy and the cops got the wounded guy stitched up at the vets–he’ll be fine.

The work wasn’t done, though. Bloodhound number two had a score to settle.

He did. Found the scumbag hiding like a coward. A hard working trooper wrestled him, fell through a collapsing floor and busted the perp’s sorry ass.

The law sees stabbing a working police bloodhound as equal to stabbing a police officer. A K-9 officer is a member of the police department.

Any dog fans out there want to remind the Aiken County DA of that?

I thought so.

Read the newspaper story here.

  1. Doc Cross says:

    I hope they toss that fucking scumbag in a cell and then lose the key.

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