NaNoWriMo Psychotherapy Session # 10…What I’m Writng Isn’t Important

Posted: November 11, 2011 in NaNoWriMo
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Are you thinking:

This writing project is stupid. I’m not curing cancer or saving lives. It’s just stupid.

I met a dancer one time who said she danced for “The good of the movement.” That dancing by itself was important.

In other words we decide what is important. I believe that having an interest in something bigger than yourself is what makes life worth living. Completing a book fits that category.

It doesn’t matter what kind of book. The project is worth the exercise even if the content is only to entertain…which I also believe is a worthwhile goal.

Write for the good of the movement.

Got it? Good. Ass on chair. Fingers on keyboard. Type!


  1. D. B. Dean says:

    As always, Tom says it with out the fluff of purple prose…gotta love a guy who says what he means…and means what he says.

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