Bad Song Duels…Icon Edition–Springsteen, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, James Brown and Prince…

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Bad song duels
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Okay, it’s that time of the week again.

Time to decide which song sucks more than the other. Today we go after icons

Look, just because you’ve done some great stuff doesn’t mean everything you do is going to be great. Blindly pretending that everything your favorite artist does is wonderful is stupid and you need to know it.

Let’s get to it.

Secret Garden, Bruce Springsteen, 1995 vs. No Expectations, The Rolling Stones, 1968

Don't look so pleased with your selves

If an unknown artist released either one of these pieces of crap they’d have no future. Attempts at being sensitive and touching don’t work here and the efforts aren’t appreciated. As for the worse of the two, I go with Mick being only slightly more annoying than Bruce.

Michelle, The Beatles, 1966 vs. Magic Bus, The Who, 1968

Oh yeah, 60’s free lovin’ baby boomers, I went there. These songs suck. And not just a little bit. I don’t care how much pot you smoke these songs have the depth and complexity of Old MacDonald. Please don’t write in and tell me to play it backwards or leave some insight into the ral meaning behind them. They suck…a lot. Michelle is worse.

Hot Pants, James Brown, 1971 vs. When Dove’s Cry, Prince, 1984

Hey, Black guys can make music that sucks too. JB was a lousy driver and never won an award from NOW. This song was just plain awful in so many ways. Simple, infantile and repetitve. Prince was funky and took a lot of creative chances. This is one he shouldn’t taken. He gets the nod for suckdom in this one.

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