Don’t Anger Kindle Readers With Higher Prices

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Kindle Corner, Uncategorized

Check this out.

  1. BD says:

    Having just gone to the e side in the last three weeks… I like this idea.

    Wifey was recovering from surgery so I got her a Kindle to convalesce with. I gave her a crash course in Schreckonomics and suggested we don’t buy anything over $3.99 (and never fall for the $9.99+ nonsense).

    I much prefer voting with my dollars but the One Star Protest is ok by me.

    “Raising Awareness” make-yourself-feel-good “protests” are the phony, lazy and in my book, a sign of self-delusion and/or a bloated sense of self-importance (see also “Hollywood Typus Narcissist”).

    Seems this is a constructive notch above ribbon wearing so I’m down with it.

  2. Graham says:

    I think a simple compromise would be for publishers to set ebook prices to a level where they make the same profit as on print copies. Since the ebooks have zero marginal costs (after the first copy, each additional copy is free to make), they could make the same money at a lower price.

    But publishers seem to think that a dollar made on a paper book is somehow “better” than the same dollar made on an ebook. Otherwise why would they try to drive away ebook buyers?

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