March Sadness–Paying College Athletes

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Jason Whitlock, the writer and podcaster from Kansas City, frequently talks about how corrupt the NCAA is.

He was recently on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble and he insisted that college athletes are getting exploited while the universities, coaches, administrators, networks–everyone– gets rich…except the student athletes who generate the revenue.

I like Whitlock a lot. I disagree with him quite a bit but I love that he has something different to say. He recently blasted the “Fab 5” documentary saying that shaved heads and baggy shorts isn’t a legacy. He said they went for the “okey-doke” instead of making any real mark of excellence. That’s the sort of thing I want out of a journalist.

What I don’t get is paying the students. They already ARE getting paid.

Tuition at my alma mater is now $55k per year. My two nephews and a niece went to colleges that didn’t offer athletic scholarships. My sister and my brother shelled out close to or over $200k per kid so they could play sports and go to school.

Isn’t $200k worth of education getting paid?

Whitlock says the kids who take the scholarships aren’t prepared to benefit from it. They don’t have the skills, the family background or the insight to take advantage of it. To make up for that they should get paid.


Is it just me?

  1. Jose Nogales says:

    I could’nt agree with you more. Don’t forget the travel, free hotels,etc…

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