Don’t Be THAT Guy: Unforgiving Driver

Posted: March 22, 2011 in don't be THAT guy

Yesterday is wet snow storm while driving to a stressful appointment i went to turn into the right line.

Someone was in my blindspot and I didn’t look enough. I got the horn and that scary shot of adrenaline letting me know that I just had a brush with the grim reaper and got a pass.

I knew I screwed up.

The other car eventually decided to pass me. As she got close enough I rolled down window to wave an apology.

I got cursed out.

Hey, I screwed up. I made a mistake and I tried to acknowledge it make amends.

What is it about driving that makes people mean?

The safety of being in the automotive bubble that keeps people from getting close? The anonymous arrogance of superiority? The aggressive take-no-prisoners badass attitude that goes unchecked while in a car that might get you punched in the face in person?

  1. DirtyLowdown says:

    Automobiles are black holes of evil. I know devout, church going people that would never utter a foul word, even in anger in the privacy of their home but turn into Darth Vader behind the wheel of a car.

  2. michael rivest says:

    I think it’s the anonymity more than anything else, Tom. Check out the “Crime Confidential” TU Blog even you ever want to feel brilliant.

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