Times Up: Larry the Cable Guy

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Times Up
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He’s got his own show now…on the History Channel.

Git ‘r done. I mean, that’s it?


C’mon, America can we raise the bar just a tad. Sure, Larry’s a cute cliche of a segment of our country (the segment that votes) but should he really be able to leverage it into a gazillion dollar entertainment enterprise?

Sometimes I wish Hollywood Squares was still on so we had a place to restrict this level of talent. As for me, Larry the Cable Guy, I’ve had enough.

14:58. 14:59…

  1. michael rivest says:

    Agreed, Tommy-boy. I think he owes his existence to political correctitude. He “dares” to say things that are no longer allowed. But that just explains WHY he is, not why lots of people find it funny. I stopped laughing at fart jokes and stripper jokes in the 8th grade.

    For instance, Larry says, “I once tipped a stripper with Monopoly money, and she said ‘That’s fake money!’ I said ‘Well, them’s fake.'” Now, in the eight grade, I’d have laughed. Now, since strippers are the only women left for me to date, I take it personally.

  2. Jen Forbus says:

    Michael, you raise the important point. Why our society watches this stuff. They certainly wouldn’t put it on TV or in movies if folks didn’t buy it. It is a scary commentary on the people of this country. Kinda like Glenn Beck.

  3. Becca says:

    Clearly you haven’t watched it. The first piece was a fascinating look at the history of moonshine. Seriously. Since, it’s been fireworks, wildlife officers who catch alligators, manners (including a trip to the home of Emily Post). I don’t find him any more offensive than any other comedian nowadays. The people he represents may look and act dumb, but most of them aren’t. Ever hear the saying, “Everyone makes fun of rednecks. Until they need something fixed.” 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    My wife works for an independent production company that has long sold to channels like History and Discovery. Because they continue to make serious-minded talking-head-heavy documentaries, they are dying a long, slow and painful death as these once-high-minded (or at least middlebrow) networks want the next Pawn Kings or Larry the Cable Guy on History-type show. Very depressing — both to see it all over TV and to hear about it daily….

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