don’t be THAT guy: Tiny dog walker

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Dogs, Cats, Pets, Animals, don't be THAT guy

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I know you think she’s precious.

I dig the little bow under her chin. I like how you named her Chloe, Buttons or Siobhan. Nice touch.

Here’s the thing Mr. Androgny–walk the little fur ball at a decent pace will ya!

Roxie says: "Hey--a snack!"

Here we come!

Because I’m behind you, it’s 5 am and I got 285lbs of scent hound strapped to my waist and the streets are icy. That’s not a cruise ship’s foghorn you hear, it’s my bloodhound and she’s thinking your Foo Foo would make a delicious prelim to breakfast.

Scoop up Lady Love and tuck her into your arm like OJ and head home like you’re Al Cawlings, only unlike AC, hit the gas.

It’s too late for you to have any self-respect (I’ve seen your dog.) but please get out of my way.

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  2. Jen Forbus says:

    I don’t think I’d want to live around you, Schreck. People can’t ride their bikes or walk their dogs or anything…all because you choose to own big dogs and walk them at 5 in the morning.

    You need to learn to play nice in the sandbox with everyone else – and control your dogs. Geez oh pete!

  3. D. B. Dean says:

    I am not sure if little dogs are in fact dogs.. they are more rats to me. GIve me a massive wolf hound. Give me a belgian shepherd. Give me something like looks like it;s ancestors are wolves…and I hate it when they put clothes or worse…SHOES…on their dog. Inside that tiny dog is a wolf saying – please kill me now…end my humiliation and misery…please let me die…as they daintly walk down the street with ribbons and bows on their feet. Its just wrong. I want a dog that looks like just maybe he could rip your throat out if you messed with his pack…not one that looks like it belongs on top of a cupcake.

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