Missing Two Year-Old Toddler Lost in the Rain…Bloodhound Called

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Dogs, Cats, Pets, Animals, Uncategorized
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Imagine losing your two year-old.

Add in a torrential downpour.

Throw in the terror that this world brings.

You’d be a mess.

Yesterday, in Meigs County, Tennessee a little boy went missing. He couldn’t be found anywhere and there was one of those storms that hits the South raging.

Rhea County Reserve Officer Joey Scealf and his tracking dog Pearl, a bloodhound, were called out. One problem, Pearl had never actually been called into duty before. This was going to be her test.

One hell of a test.

Good Girl Pearl

All I can picture are the parents and their anguish. And the sight of the 100+ pounds floppy eared, wrinkly-skinned drool machine that’s supposed to be a savior. You might not be filled with confidence.

Joey and Pearl went to work after sniffing some of the kid’s bedroom. Pearl’s nose went to the ground and joey fell in behind.

Well, ‘Ol Pearl apparently doesn’t suffer from test anxiety. Forty-five minutes into her “test” Pearl was licking the little boy’s face who was giggling at his new buddy. The pair were under a tree wet as rats but happy.

I’m guessing they weren’t the only ones.


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