Posted: November 5, 2010 in FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR
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Do you know Pabst owns just about every off brand of beer?

Do you know that Schlitz (moment of silence), Stroh’s, Schaefer, Blatz, Black Label, Lone Star, Old Style and even Champale are made by Pabst.

And you know what else–I’m pretty sure they don’t even have a brewery. They hire out other breweries and give them the formula. last I heard Schlitz was made in Texas.

Is that okay with you?

  1. BD says:

    That’s interesting! I thought Pabst was a waning brand likely not long for this world. Good for them.

    I don’t have much in the way of a contribution to the conversation.
    Unless it’s Utica Club, I don’t have romantic attachments to where beer is brewed.

    I’ve never been an Around-The-World beer-drinking club.
    I don’t want warm, dark, hearty, fruity or flavored beer. Despite my heritage, I hate Guiness. But for a sorry St.Pauli Girl period in my teens (because that’s what Ritchie Blackmore drank)…I’m strictly of the “give me an American see-through piss-yellow beer in a bottle” school. So, I’d drink any of those brews owned by big ol’ Pabst.

    But, when PRB is brought up, I always see this in my head (and it makes me happy):

  2. tybes says:

    did you know that my beloved Genny Cream Ale is now made by something called the High Falls Brewing Company? At least it’s still brewed in Rochester!

  3. d.b.dean says:

    I dont drink booze anymore but I drink coffee
    and I know I refuse to drink the swill most poeple call coffee…I drink micro roasters, roasted no less than 72 hours before and ground just before I french press it.

    I get my beans from an indian dude that roasts them in his garage – shipped direct from India, africa and south america to his house…GOOOOOOODDDDDDD

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