Arooooo! Guardian Angel Basset Waddle!

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Basset Hounds
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Another proud moment...

This weekend my wife and I will be with our peeps.

No apologizing for dog hair on the jeans. No explanation about the house smelling like Fritos. Everyone knows the stains on our clothes are dog slobber.

Interrupting a human conversation to bend over and pet a hound is not only expected–not doing it will lead to consternation.

We’re going to the world’s biggest Waddle. A Waddle is an event celebrating the Basset Hound and raising money for hounds that need help.

We sell our books and give all of the money to the rescue group.

The center of the universe this weekend is Dwight, Il. We’ll march in the parade with a thousand hounds. Yes, a thousand.

We’ll watch the hound races. the costume contest and the face licking and if possible I’m gonna get some handicapping going so we can bet. A little side action you know.

I can’t wait. The coolest people in the world with the coolest animals.

Our peeps.


  1. Jan M says:

    Betting will be allowed only if a percentage goes to the house (i.e., GABR).

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