DUFFY DOGS OF THE WEEK–Afghanistan Edition: Rufus, Target, Sasha

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That's Sgt Duke on the left

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If you read this blog you know I’m not a big war guy. I do, however, unequivocally support and empathize for the soldiers in harm’s way.

Here’s a story my buddy BD hipped me to. It makes me feel patriotic.

The Afghans don’t have much use for animals except for how they can exploit them. My friend Colonel Richard Phillips, who has done two tours over there, told me dogs are left to fend for themselves. Lots of times US soldiers take care of the dogs that hang around the bases.

That means table scraps and treats from the soldiers wherever they could find them.

The bond between the soldiers and dogs is real.

Check this out.

Three Afghan strays Rufus, Target and Sasha hung around a US base and were befriended by the soldiers but especially Sgt. Chris Duke. Sgt Duke is a real dog guy.

On Feburuary 22 one of those cowardly suicide bomber bastards approached the base where 50 soldiers were sleeping. His intent was to kill all of the soldiers while he killed himself.

Rufus, Target and Sasha were there that night. They knew who had treated them with love and who didn’t. The three started barking like crazy and awakened the soldiers.

Rufus took matters into his own hands and ran after the bomber and locked his jaws on to the coward’s leg.

They weren’t able to stop the bomb from detonating. Target was seriously hurt. Sasha gave her life warning the soldiers.

The bomber killed himself.


Five soldiers were seriously hurt. they were evacuated for medical treatment and they made it, thank God.

A medic helped Rufus and Target. It was touch and go but they made it.

Sgt Duke was especially close to Rufus. The two stood watch together and Rufus helped Sgt Duke when he was homesick.

Unfortunately in war, dogs get left behind. Best friends have to part. It’s very hard for us dog people to understand.

A couple of dog people don’t think this is acceptable. Robert Misseri, founded an organization that helps dogs like this and Anna Canaan, herself an army wife, got a Facebook page going.

Sgt Duke got sent back stateside in March.

He felt awful having to leave the dog that saved his life. It didn’t seem right.

That’s what Robert and Anna thought.

Last week Rufus and Target flew to the US. Rufus got a connector to Augusta GA to live with Sgt Duke and his wife, who is pregnant. Target got a flight to Phoenix to live with the medic that saved his life.

  1. marycunningham says:

    I saw this on the news. Thanks to this wonderful organization, these four-legged soldiers are being rewarded for their heroism and unwavering devotion. Too bad Sasha lost her life protecting others, but I’m happy for Rufus and Target.


  2. catconnor says:

    Awesome story.

  3. Cessie says:

    For the complete story of Rufus, Target and Sasha see http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Puppy-Rescue-Mission/106320572741421?ref=ts
    PS Anna Cannan is recently engaged to Christopher Chiasson, who is stationed in Afghanistan and has rescued two of the puppies that were on base Bear and Alphy.
    PPSS I’m the pups Grandmom

  4. BD says:

    Good stuff.

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