Jennifer Aniston Wanted to Adopt a Sissy Dog

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Basset Hounds, Jennifer Aniston
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Yeah, like that's a Cockapoo!

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It’s all over the internet now. “Jenn rescues a Cockapoo!”

Well, if that’s what everyone wants to believe, fine.

She may have wanted a sissy dog but then I brought Wilbur over and well, no one can resist the ears, the baritone bark or the sex slobber. She had to rescue one and who can blame her?

So her publicist told her to say “Cockapoo.”

Just don’t believe everything you read…or estimate Wilbur’s charm and influence.

  1. D. B. Dean says:

    are you sure thats not “crock o’ poo” It does appear she is holding one of those bags dog owners use to pick up doggy poo…

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