Posted: July 7, 2010 in Basset Hounds, Wednesday's Writing Tip
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When you finish a piece of work, leave it alone for awhile.

Whether it’s an article, short fiction or a novel you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll benefit from giving it a rest.

It will feel lazy and you’ll be dying to be finally done with it. Resist that feeling and let the damn thing sit and ferment.

My dog Riley gets it

A sign that it’s time to look at it again is when you have to really think to remember what it is about. Then when you read it, it will feel like someone else’s work.

That’s when your best editing will occur.

On deadline you might not have the luxury of weeks but you can let it sit for a few days, overnight or even to til the end of the day.

This is mind work and the mind has its limits. Give your concentration a rest, distract and it let your imagination go somewhere else.

It may be the single best piece of advice I was ever given on writing.

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