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I have no idea what it’s about.

Is it even an “it.”

It’s a movie, right? Are there vampires?

There’s a skinny guy who’s kind a pale right?

They fly? Maybe they don’t fly.

Shit, I think I’m out of touch.

There’s no boxing, social work, basset hound or Schlitz-drinking in it.


  1. Pasquale Palumbo says:

    Don’t get me started on this dreck. My female students love it, but it’s so poorly written that I had a hard time reading the book. Plus, it totally violates the ethos of vampire lore that has been established for over two centuries in literature. What a terrible phenomenon. Makes J.K. Rowling look like James Joyce. Blech.

  2. Oh thank the gods other people feel the same way I do. I was beginning to wonder about myself. Or I was wondering if there really are such creatures as vampires and they all know me. I don’t dare say anything derogatory about the whole thing for fear I’ll get fanged when I least expect it.

  3. Becca says:

    The books are terrible but I’ve enjoyed the movies. I have a TeenGirl in my house and my hubby and I both have enjoyed watching her delight. Also, I’m almost half Native and I appreciate the way that part of the story has been presented.

  4. BD says:

    Some eruditition re: the Twilight phenomenon from the boxing community:

    (I recommend a PC-ectomy before viewing the thoughts expressed therein…)

  5. Jonathan Quist says:

    My wife (who taught high school English for 6 years, before realizing that school districts really _don’t_ want to hire newly-educated teachers who switched in from other careers) read a lot of teen lit, trying to figure what she could use to interest some of the fringe readers. She said the first Twilight book wasn’t awful. After that, she couldn’t bring herself to continue.

    But back to Duffy’s question. Uh, sorry, I mean Tom’s question. (Sorry, Tom. You know what I’m ff-ing saying?)

    I’ve seen the same commercials as you. All the elements are there – dark, Hogwarts-esque woods full of wolf-dogs, and a central character who is skinny and pale.

    Obviously, Twilight is the inspired-by-a-true story of dog-trainer who wanted to win the Iditarod while dying of AIDS-related complications. The girl is his love interest. His sister, too, I think.

    Tagline: “As his time ran out, she helped him go to the dogs.”

    So, at least it’s got dogs in it. Ya know what I’m ff-ing saying?

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