Posted: June 26, 2010 in Duffy Dog of the Week

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The Duffy Dog of the Week award criteria is, uh, how do I say this? Uh, well, let’s just say it’s “flexible.”

We’ve had hounds heroically overcoming adversity–hounds that did some extraordinary selfless things and hounds that were just special for one reason or another.

This week’s DDOTW is a bit of a princess. This diva sips caramel frappucinos with extra whip cream from Starbucks. She’s also been known to turn her nose up or even growl at other dogs who are welcome into her home.

She’s also—and I need to be cautious here—ahh, pleasantly plum—no wait, “full-figured.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tia.

Big Time Diva

Tia was left in a Humane Society in Missouri because she couldn’t produce puppies. Missouri is known as the puppy mill capital of the world. So someone who doesn’t deserved to be called a son-of-a-bitch dropped her off.

When sisters Jan and Joyce went to the shelter to get a dog for Joyce they found Tia in the all male section and they took her home, not knowing anything about the breed.

(This is where basset slaves knowingly chuckle.)

“Tia was stubborn, stole food of the counter tops and slung drool all over the house. And of course, we fell in love with her,” Jan Marchelwski says.

So what gets her to the Duffy Dog of the Week honor?

Her ability to inspire.

“Basset hounds are like potato chips. You can’t stop with just on,” Jan says. “After meeting Tia my sister and I got involved with basset rescue.”

Yeah, I guess you can say that.

You see, Joyce became one of those “foster parents,” and Jan became a “foster aunt,” the kind souls that take in homeless hounds that have no place to go until they can get adopted.

There was the first foster, Charity. Then there was Beaucephaus, Scooby and Fred.

That’s four fosters.

Nice people, right? Hang on.

Joyce and Jan didn’t stop there. There have been 49 other foster dogs since then.


Why? Because they fell in love with Tia.

Is that enough to win Duffy Dog of the Week?

Let’s just say there were 53 votes in favor and none against.

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your Frappucinos!

  1. Jan M. says:

    My sister Joyce and I have learned a lot since Tia waddled into our lives. Guess you could say we got on-the-job training. When Tia wakes up from her nap, I’ll read your blog to her. I’m sure the princess will demand a Frappucino for this.

  2. Menzie says:

    And… a German shepherd as well! Plus, they do tons of transports, often spending their entire weekends driving hours one-way, to help move homeless hounds to rescue groups, foster homes, or new adoptive homes. They are truly basset heroes, and I am proud to call them friends!

    • Jan M. says:

      Because of Tia, I made a lot of friends. Wolfgang, my GSD pup, is a product of one of those friendships. Thanks again Menzie.

      Tomorrow is another road trip up I-55 to Dwight, IL for an adoption event. I might come home with foster #54.

  3. BD says:

    Love it!

    It’s good to be reminded there are good people left!

    (why is it that these people are always dog folks? hmmm)

  4. ginny says:

    99% of the good people I have met since I got my first dog have been dog people and, subsequently, 99% of dog people who I meet are also good-some breeders are BAD (back yard, puppy mill) but the only time I have met those folk has been in a rescue situation!

    Yay, Jan! Yay, Tia! Yay Tom and Duffy Fog of the Week!

  5. Duke's Moooommy says:

    The dogs in the midwest are lucky to have a foster family like you guys!! God bless you for opening your hearts and homes to these needy bassets.

    I bet you can name all their names too!

    Keep up the great work!

    Shelly Gordon

  6. Kim Bruck says:

    WAY To GO! With out foster homes rescues wouldn’t exist. I’ve fostered over 30 plus dogs with another 30 coming for a day or two until they go to thier foster home. AROOOO to you!

  7. SophieJB says:

    What a pretty girl Tia is… why anyone could abandon her, or any other Basset Hound is way beyond me as they are just the best and most docile dogs in the world. I have rehomed several over the years and taken on ex breeding bitches and had four pups as well (I’ve got two puppy sisters now) and all have been individual characters and all adorable.

    Whay are there always so many abandoned Bassets in America and so many unscrupulous puppy breeding establishments… it’s so cruel to keep breeding them and abandoning them.

    Thank goodness for us caring Basset adoring people! xx

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