FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR: Best Rebellion Songs

Posted: June 25, 2010 in FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR, Uncategorized

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Alright, school’s out for summer, which got me thinking about the best songs to tell the world to F off to.

Besides Alice Cooper’s classic here’s what I’d put money in the jukebox for:

1. Thunder Road, Bruce Springsteen “It’s a town for losers, I’m pulling outta here to win!”

(When the Boss was still cool…)

2. I Fought the Law, Bobby Fuller Four “Robbin’ people with a six gun…”

3. I’ve Always Been Crazy, Waylon Jennings “So far I ain’t found a rhyme or reason to change…”

4. Take This Job and Shove It, Johnny Paycheck “He’s gotta brand new flattop haircut, lord he thinks he’s cool.”

5. The Authority Song, John Cougar “Grow up is growing on the dream of dying and dying to me don’t sound like all that much fun…”

6. The Week of Living Dangerously, Steve Earle and the Dukes “I guess I took a left where I generally hang a right…”

7. I Don’t Want to Work, Todd Rundgren “I just wanna bang on this drum all day”

8. Too Much Monkey Business, Chuck Berry “Working at the fillin’ station too many tasks…”

9. Hang Fire, The Rolling Stones, “I don’t need the aggravation I’m a lazy slob…”

10. We’re Not Gonna Take It, Twisted Sister “You don’t know us, you don’t belong.”

You gotta buck–what are you gonna play?

  1. tybes says:

    Excellent set of songs. I wish I could think of some others.

  2. tybes says:

    all right I came up with a few other Boss songs-I think they were from when the Boss was still cool.

    “Honey, I want the heart, I want the soul
    I want control right now”

    Out in the Street
    “And Monday when the foreman calls time
    I’ve already got Friday on my mind”
    “We ain’t gonna take what they’re handing out”

    The Promised Land
    “Pretty soon little girl I’m gonna take charge”

    • tjs9261 says:

      I thought of using Badlands instead…gotta admit I didn’ think of OOTS or PL…though i did think of Chuck’s promised Land (song by Elvis)

      I think that will go in the best driving jukebox…

  3. Graham says:

    How ’bout “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams? “We were young and restless, we needed to unwind!”

    Oh, and I love “The Authority Song”, but… “Growin’ up leads to growin’ old, and then to dyin'”

  4. Jen Forbus says:

    “Ready to Run” – The Dixie Chicks
    “My Give a Damn’s Broken” – Jo Dee Messina

    There is just far too much testosterone at this blog.

  5. Sonny Peek says:

    I thought about this for a bit and here’s my offerings:

    Anarchy in the UK

    My Generation

    How about “I’m a good ole Rebel” ?

    • tjs9261 says:

      Excellent SP! It’s Friday afternoon and I can almost hear them as I’m coning down the south quad…

      • Sonny Peek says:

        A very old one called, “The old unreconstructed” sung by Waylon J

        “I rode with old Jeb Stuart
        and his band of Southern horse
        There never were no Yankess who could beat us force to force
        Though they never did defeat us
        we never could evade, the dirty foreign politics and cowardly blockade.”

        Many other good verses about battles, taking US flags to wipe thier horses down with etc., and ends with the words

        “I won’t be reconstructed, and I do not give a damn! “

      • tjs9261 says:

        I’m speechless…

  6. Maria C says:

    I love that you’ve got Waylon Jennings on the list! Awesome!

    I’d add:

    “That’s Life” Frank Sinatra
    “When God Fearin’ Women Get The Blues” Martina McBride
    “Rehab” Amy Winehouse
    “Cocaine Blues” Johnny Cash
    “Hit me with your Best Shot” Pat Benetar
    “Fight for You’r Right” The Beastie Boys
    “Think” Aretha Franklin

  7. tjs9261 says:

    Another ‘Ol Waylon fan, huh?

    Great adds!

  8. Allison McDonald-Brandes says:

    I’m going with Billy Joel “My Life” – worked for me when I was 24 but still had to be home by 11.30pm!

  9. tjs9261 says:

    Allison–isn’t that the beauty of it!

  10. Jan M. says:

    Waylon always told it like it was…

    I like Montgomery Gentry’s “What do ya think about that?” It’s especially a good F off song about new neighbors.

    Saying I was here first, this is my piece of dirt
    And your rambling don’t rattle me.

    Sayin’, blah, blah, blah, just a jacking their jaws
    Got a let it roll off of my back
    I don’t give a dern what other people think
    What do ya think about that?
    Say I don’t give a damn what other people think
    What do ya think about that?

  11. D. B. Dean says:

    Johnny Cash – Oney
    I dedicate this song to the workin’ man
    For ever’ man that puts in a hard
    Eight or ten hours a day of work and toil and sweat
    Always got somebody lookin’ down his neck
    Tryin’ to get more out of ‘im
    Than he really ought to have to put in.

    After twenty-nine long years of workin’
    In this shop with Oney standin’ over me …
    Today when that old whistle blows
    I’ll check in all my gear and I’ll retire …

    The superintendent just dropped by and said
    They’d planned my little get together …
    Then he said I’d never a made it
    If old Oney hadn’t held me to the fire.

    I’ve seen him in my dreams at night
    And woke up in the mornin’ feelin’ tired …
    And old Oney don’t remember, when I came here
    How he tried to get me fired …
    With his folded hands behind him
    Every mornin’ Oney waited at the gate …
    Where he’d rant and rave like I committed murder
    Clockin’ in five minutes late.

    But today they’ll gather ’round me
    Like I’ve seen ’em do when any man retires
    Then old Oney’s gonna tell me
    From now on I’m free to do what I desire …

    He’ll present me with that little old gold watch
    They give a man at times like this …
    But there’s one thing he’s not countin’ on
    Today’s the day I give old Oney his.

    I’ve been workin’, buildin’ muscles
    Oney’s just been standin’ ’round a gettin’ soft
    And today about four-thirty
    I’ll make up for every good night’s sleep I’ve lost …
    When I’m gone I’ll be remembered
    As the workin’ man who put his point across
    With a right hand full of knuckles
    ‘Cause today I show old Oney who’s the boss.

    Hmmmm! What time is it? Four thirty!
    Hey, Oney!
    Oney! Ha ha ha ha!

  12. jake says:

    Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

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