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First of all, let’s look at this literally. In boxing/karate/MMA people “fight” by sparring. Some have to work up some intensity or think of angry things but most fighters I know look at sparring as a dancer looks at rehearsal. it’s about the good of the movement not about putting hurt on someone.

Some days sparring can be different. If another gym visits or there’s a rival within the gym or even if someone got the best of you the last time–you might turn things up a notch.

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Fighting angry can be a big mistake if it is not channeled properly. it is exhausting and you can forget fundamentals and get taken a part. Marvin Hagler fought angry. Ray Leonard said he didn’t need it. They fought two different styles.

What about metaphorically? Can you negotiate the board room or handle a sales person by being assertive without a little anger? Does the absence of anger make us too soft? Would we be edgier if we let anger come in to play?

And long term what happens to people who let anger fuel them all the time? And fighters–can you sustain a career as an angry fighter? What happens when you age and you’re less angry? Or if you age and get angrier but don’t have the physical skills?

  1. Jen Forbus says:

    My experience is, when I’m angry, I no longer have control of me, the anger does. I say things that I wouldn’t ordinarily say. And people who claim you are more honest that way are full of it. I react with anger and say things intended to hurt, not things I actually mean, just the things I believe will be most damaging.

    I’d be lying if I said I never get angry. But I try to express that anger in other directions until I’m back in control. That’s the only way I’ll deal with other people because it’s the way I want them to deal with me.

  2. D. B. Dean says:

    Anger is a parasite. It does not give you an edge. It fogs and clouds the mind leaving you fixated on your object of anger. It puts a soldier at risk.

    Training with out anger…creates instinct and actions without the parasite affect. People who rely on the adreniline from anger require more and more of the drug…to sustain the same high until they go to far.

    Anger in general (in my opinion) never provides a positive.

    Anything done in anger is tainted…even “rightous anger”. You can not dispense justice from anger. You must let the anger go and make the moral and right choices once the fog of anger has faded. A man kills your loved one. You kill him in anger…you are wrong. That doesnt mean to say I am not for capital punishment. But it must be done because the person is a threat to society…not because you are angry. Just my POV.

  3. Vinnie says:

    I think if you let anger fuel you all of the time, for a number of years, you wind up with high blood pressure and a fancy med. prescription.

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