FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR: Urban Dictionary Beer Terms

Posted: June 11, 2010 in FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR

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From Urban…

BEER AIDS– Long term and crippling hangover

BEER ABS– This is what happens when you drink too much beer. Your abs become squishy and gross and you want to kill yourself. Along with having Beer Abs, you will find yourself talking about party fouls and the good ol’ days.

BEER ANGEL– The unseen guiding force that watches over and keeps safe the inebriated as they stagger across all six lanes of the North Circular at chucking out time.

BEER BADGER– The unseen guiding force that watches over and keeps safe the inebriated as they stagger across all six lanes of the North Circular at chucking out time.

BEER BALLS– The phenomenon where an otherwise timid individual has consumed enough beer that he begins shit-talking to anything he comes in contact with and has the illusion that he could defend himself when someone tries to kick his ass because of that shit-talking (i.e. – the drunk grows a set of balls – beer balls); this person’s tendency to shit-talk decreases with his blood-alcohol level.

BEER BIDET– The act of tossing a mug of beer at a friend’s posterior region while he is urinating in public, mooning, or just happens to have the area overly exposed.

BEER BONER– Erection that occurs with beer and is used in conjunction with beer goggles

BEER BOOGER– A collection of rogue lime pulp that sticks to the outside rim of a Corona beer bottle. This is the result of Corona beer lime insertion. Subsequent to taking a swig or sip from the offending beer bottle, the “beer booger” or “booga” will stick to one’s lip or side of face. At the moment of discovery it is clear that everyone in close proximity is mocking you behind your back. This results in forfeiting any chance in having sex with a new sex partner. 2. A lime stuck inside the bottle of Corona beer.

BEER BOXING– A boxing match in which the participants must hold a large cup of beer. They must finish the entire cup before they can knock out their opponent and they cannot spill any.

BEER BULIMIA– Disorder where the alcohol consumer always throws up after a night of partying; not once in a while, but every time.

BEER CATFISH– A person who will consume any and all brands of beer lefrover from a party, with no regard for age or temperature of the beverage. See also ”Beer Pirate”.

BEER LAUNDERING– when your contribution to a beer cooler is of shitty quality and not up to par of present beer in said cooler. yet you think you’re in.

BEER LIGHT SAVINGS TIME– A term used to justify drinking before noon (since it is widely noted if you drink before noon you are an alcoholic). Beer light savings time equals whatever amount of hours needed to make your morning drinking equal noon. ie: drinking at 8 am adding 4hrs of beer light savings time making it noon and therefore compliant with social standards of no drinking before noon.

  1. Jen Forbus says:

    I don’t get the “Beer Ears” one. I understand why that definition fits for “Beer Catfish”…and I can’t see Beer Pirate. You didn’t put that one on here.

    The fact that these terms even exist is a little upsetting.

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  3. rolex submariner pris…

    […]FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR: Urban Dictionary Beer Terms « Tom Schreck[…]…

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