Basset Hound vs. Alligator

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Basset Hounds

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Sophie is a 12 year old hound who lives in Tampa, Florida.

Sophie taking it easy

Her human, Ruth, was walking her on a leash on the golf course by where they live when an alligator jumped out of a pond and went after Sophie.

Ruth pounded on the ground with a stick to distract the gator but it was Sophie (84, in human years) who decided it wasn’t time to check out and definitely not under these circumstances. She thrashed about and gave that gator a fight.

So much so that the gator decided that he should find something a little more cooperative for dinner.

It was one short legged creature against another.


The one with the long ears won.

Sophie needed to get stitched up a bit and had a few puncture wounds but she’s fine.

All around the basset world hounds and their humans are giving Sophie a standing ovation.

You go girl!

  1. Amy says:

    It’s too bad Steve Irwin is no longer with us. Wouldn’t a feature show on basset hounds vs. reptilian wildlife be awesome? “Check it out, mates… it’s the fearsome Droolus Waddlus Poopaloticus, also commonly known as the North American basset hound. Take a look at Sophie here… now she’s a fine specimen! Don’t let those droopy eyes and cankles fool you. When a nasty alligator tries to mess with her, it’s curtains for him, mate!”

  2. Jan M says:

    Sophie deserves an alligator dog collar!!

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