FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR: The Summer Jukebox

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

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Corona, gin and tonics, mai tais and pina coladas call for a different soundtrack than cold, windy nights in January.

So you’re on the deck next to the tacky tiki bar–what do you want to hear on the jukebox?

This is what you should say:

1. Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffet

2. Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys

3. Wipe Out, The Surfaris

4. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley

5. Hot, Hot, Hot, Buster Poindexter

6. You Can Get It If You Really Want, Jimmy Cliff

7. The Summer Wind, Frank Sinatra

8. Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Jan and Dean

9. Under the Boardwalk, The Drifters

10. Summertime Blues, Eddie Cochran (not The Who!)

11. Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison

12. California Sun, The Riverias

13. Sherry Darling, Bruce Springsteen

14. Walk Don’t Run, The Ventures

15. The Pina Colada Song, Rupert Holmes

  1. Maria C says:

    I’m happy to see Jimmy Cliff made the cut but where’s the great Bob Marley? Gotta have Jamming or Three Little Birds. Go old school with A Taste of Honey by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. Also, since it *is* a tacky tiki bar, why not add Santana’s Black Magic Woman and Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light, lol.

    • tjs9261 says:

      TJB! Yesssssss! Meatloaf too!!!!

      Personally, alwaus preferred Cliff to Marley.

      Can’t believe you suggested Herb!

      • Maria C says:

        Preferring Cliff to Marley just shows that you know your Reggae. I’m just going generic for the Red Stripe & unbrella drink swillers.

        What? Doesn’t Herb make you want to drink? That song provided the template for nearly every porn soundtrack for at least the next 15 years, lol, and it’s a nice bookend to that dopey Pina Colada song.

      • Maria C says:

        I’m such a goof! Glad you like Herb. 😉

      • tjs9261 says:

        TJB rocks!!!!

  2. Jen Forbus says:

    I’d have some Jack Johnson on my jukebox, some Four Seasons, and for God’s sake, women DO sing…Martina McBride, some Dixie Chicks, maybe something from the Chordettes or The Angels – Queen Latifa does some mean jazz…

  3. tjs9261 says:

    Yes to the Four Season “Oh what A Night!” “Who loves You” or “My Eyes Adored You.”

    Now, as for this female thing…I’ll add “Heat Wave,” Martha and the Vandellas, “Let Me Be There” by Olivia Newton John (covering both the country and womanly thing) and “Baby Love” by The Supremes.

    Don’t call NOW on me, Forby!

  4. Pasquale Palumbo says:

    “Paradise City” by Guns ‘N Roses
    “Summer Song” by Joe Satriani

    The Entire Beach Boys catalog

    Any song with, “heat,” “hot” or “summer” in the title.

  5. Vinnie says:

    Haha, “Hot, Hot, Hot”

    “Good Vibrations” – great call.

  6. Pasquale Palumbo says:

    Don’t see myself in Smallbany anytime soon, but seeing as you do make your way to the metropolitan area occasionally, look me up.

    “School’s Out” should get honorable mention.

  7. tybes says:

    tell me where that tacky tiki bar (the picture) is located-I want so badly to be there

  8. Pasquale Palumbo says:

    Daquiris on the Deck Redux?

  9. tybes says:

    make mine a margarita (or several)

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