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I don’t vote.

I’m proud of that. I follow what George Carlin had to say about it.

“I don’t vote. Two reasons. First of all it’s meaningless; this country was bought and sold a long time ago. The shit they shovel around every 4 years *pfff* doesn’t mean a fucking thing. Secondly, I believe if you vote, you have no right to complain. People like to twist that around – they say, ‘If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain’, but where’s the logic in that? If you vote and you elect dishonest, incompetent people into office who screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You caused the problem; you voted them in; you have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote, who in fact did not even leave the house on election day, am in no way responsible for what these people have done and have every right to complain about the mess you created that I had nothing to do with.”

This week I got an email from some guy I graduated college with in ’83. I didn’t know him but somehow I got on a list.
I Googled him and it turns out he’s an ultra right wing guy. The thing that caught my attention the most was something he said about Mexicans who were coming into the country and, in one rancher’s case, were disconnecting water lines meant for cattle.

This particular point was designed to infuriate me.

It did, about what an asshole this guy must be.

I actually answered the email and told him that if I had just crossed a desert because I was so poor that I was risking my life to have something better I might want a drink of water too.

He didn’t answer.

George Carlin used to talk about “stuff”. Is this what we’re always worried about? Our “stuff”? Starving Mexicans drinking our water, using our resources, our health care, walking on the sidewalks our taxes paid for…is that what scares us?

The economy isn’t good and that makes more people want to villainze others. It’s very predictable and if you look at history some non-majority group in the culture gets blamed for the woes of the angry majority.

Human nature to blame. Human nature to hate a lot of the time.

A lot of the time human nature sucks.

  1. Jen Forbus says:

    *sigh* I guess that’s all I can comment today. Just *sigh*.

  2. catconnor says:

    Not sure if it’s human nature that sucks or the so-called humans parading around spitting vitriol under the guise of ‘free speech’, playing God, and not letting thirsty people drink.

  3. D. B. Dean says:

    its not that they drank the water…its that they didnt put back the hose…come on folks…your focusing on the wrong issue…if you take something put it back…i know their mama taught them better!

    I am what you would call a socially conservative libetarian. I dont want the government interferring in my life. I vote = a rarely get what i want so therefore i have the right to complain.

    i find most illegals to be better citizens then groups that have been here for generations. They get it. Talk to any cab driver who barely speaks english and you will find a person who worked HARD for his citizenship, is proud of it and knows more about it than your average fourth to eight generation american with his nice home and suburan life systel. SPOILED is what comes to mind.

    I dont mind mexicans coming into the country…i have isues with HUD…i have issues with how welfare is handled …I have issues with being forced to pay fines for health insurance i dont want.. I have issues that our president promised to post all bills on white house webiste for a certain druation before signing them and didnt (along with several other unkept promising) (i didnt vote for him by the way)…i firmly believe if you CAN get elected you shouldnt be allowed to hold office…the loser probably did less illegal things and should be given office for that reason…

    probably shouldnt read political stuff when i got a migraine, had a bad nights sleep and am in a bad bad mood…meds – drugs – anyone please help

  4. Cindy Adler says:

    Have you heard of The Coffee Party Movement? This movement makes more sense to me! I do vote because I can. It is a right I don’t take lightly. If you choose not to vote that is your right as well.

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