WEDNESDAY WRITING TIP: Is texting writing?

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Uncategorized, Wednesday's Writing Tip

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Has the quality of writing been impacted by texting?

Have people become sloppier by the permission granted to them by the internet?

The emphasis on the economy of words has had its impact on punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary.

I wonder if it’s a bad thing. The digital world has forced us to be more concise, which is a good thing. The language has morphed into a kind of telegraph abbreviation-based thing.

Can someone be good at the craft of texting and what, exactly, does that mean?

  1. Kymm St says:

    Texting has impacted the quality of writing greatly in so many areas. Yes – we are probably all a little more concise – even when it comes to things like status messages for Twitter/Facebook where only so many characters are allowed……not a bad thing – I know how much I can waffle! Exam boards (over here at least) allow pupils to use ‘text language’ for answers in exams – as long as they can prove they have a grasp of the subject – which to me seems to defeat the purpose in an English language exam!
    Exam boards allow it – but at what expense? People applying for a job and filling out an application form in ‘text-speak’ are going to be very disappointed. I have come across this several times – and I refuse to read them – they are instantly binned.

    I have fallen prey to certain elements myself. I overuse ‘lol’ and cringe sometimes when I re-read what I have written – yet when texting I write in full sentences. I don’t use symbols, leave vowels out or any other form of shorthand.

    As for the ‘craft of texting’ – they actually do have books on this – especially for things like tips on keeping your relationship going via texts, sexting etc – so apparently it is an art – one in which I still use full sentences. Am I a little too old fashioned in wanting to read full words – no matter that my brain deciphers ‘text speak’ fast enough? I find it much more enjoyable reading the full words – especially when from someone close to me – it simply looks and reads better.

    It is not a craft that is lost on me – just simply one I choose not to participate in to any great extent…for me – texting is not writing.

  2. D. B. Dean says:

    tom – OMG, arent you the same guy that put a post up saying the comma is dead or something? IDK – Now you want us to USE them…JMPOV but U should make up your mind. – brb EIP – DQMOT but, TBH, I think everyone should GAFC. Just saying

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