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The thrillers I write often have a conspiracy theory or two worked into them. I’ve kind of made a hobby out of following conspiracy rumors as they turn up.

If you’ve read my books or this blog you probably realize that I’m about as liberal as you can get. That is, if I voted, which I don’t.

Most conspiracies theories have the arch conservatives as the bad guy.

I thought by 2010 we'd all have Jetson's cars...

But what about the BP oil spill? The one that happened on Earth Day. Now President Obama can kind of comfortably go against offshore drilling even though he campaigned about opening that up during his election campaign. He also can have the pulpit and be really strong against BP and win over more support from the Green folks who haven’t been real thrilled with him.

And then there was a car bomb in Times Square. A total knucklehead car bomb with the wrong kind of fertilizer and a weird Pakistani dude caught just as his plane was about to take off.

Everything in the nick of time. The good guys catch the bad guys just in the nick of time. We’re ready, we foiled another one. Just in the nick of time. Can’t blame our President for being soft on terror–we got the kinda stupid terrorist who almost blew up a bunch of harmless fertilizer.

Hmmm…can conspiracies go against liberals? Is that strategy just for overweight rich white guys? Can a cool, hip, new type leader use those same shady dealings?

Power, baby.

It does wild things.

  1. Jen Forbus says:

    Wow! I would have never said you’re “as liberal as you can get.” And you even reinforce that by saying you don’t vote.

    I don’t think conspiracies have to be exclusive to one political party or the other. Conspiracies don’t have to be political at all. We may highlight political conspiracies and make the most noise about them. But they don’t have to be political.

    Finally, I don’t claim to be the end all-know all guru or anything…but I’m remembering a “Drill Baby Drill” slogan that wasn’t at all associated with the liberal folks. But I’m not getting what’s a conspiracy here. Are you saying Obama campaigned for off-shore drilling then sabatoged it so it would cause amazing levels of destruction so he could turn around and take a different stance on the issue? Oh, you’ll have to try much harder than this to get me to buy THAT theory.

    • tjs9261 says:

      That’s EXACTLY what some folks are saying…

    • Jen Forbus says:

      Again, you’ll have to try harder on that one. There isn’t any rationale to believe that.

      • tjs9261 says:

        The oil spill would give Obama a chance to back track on his promise to pursue more offshore drilling, would it not?

      • Jen Forbus says:

        Seriously? Oy! If he doesn’t want to pursue more off-shore drilling, he doesn’t have to. There have been many many politicians…and there will be many more who will break promises. His stance on off-shore oil drilling wasn’t even that major an element of his platform. You have to think extremely little of the man to think he would cause that level of destruction to back out of a campaign promise. I don’t. I didn’t think that little of George Bush. Sorry. You’ll have to provide a lot more justification and evidence than that.

        This comes down to the big business greed. Here’s where your “power” statement holds true.

      • tjs9261 says:

        I’m not saying I believe it….but others do…

  2. norris hall says:

    One thing most people are beginning to learn in this disaster is that Technology will not save us.

    If anyone watch the 60 minutes interview with the chief engineer on board the Deep Horizon on the night of the explosion, one message comes out clear to me.
    Behind schedule and running a million dollars a day the management decided to “pick up the pace” and “ignore worker concerns” . Both factors seem to have played an important part in the failure of the blow out protector to perform after it had been damaged by a worker error. In addition, the blow out protector was not in perfect operating condition

    Technololgy was not at fault. Although Some equipment wasn’t working and should have been repaired. But Had everything been operating correctly and had people followed prudent procedures rather than shortcuts due to cost, nothing would probably have happened

    So we see
    1. operator errors
    2. putting cost ahead of safety
    3. ignoring warning signs
    4. technological failures

    Now apply those to a nuclear power plant or any other oil rig and you begin to see that even with the best technology ,,,,,

    “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”

    Even the best technology will not save us from ourselves.

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