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People walk around pissed off.

I’ve been like that a little lately. Let’s face it, life can be a shit sandwich that forces us to take a another bite every morning we get up.

You get dealt crummy cards and things knock you down that you don’t see coming.

Is anger a likely response? Of course.


Does it help? Of course not.

My goal is acceptance. To somehow look at life as this absurd, unordered slot machine with weird payouts. When things don’t go my way I want to shake my head, sigh and move on to something I find worthwhile.

When i can get my head around that attitude I’m less angry.

It’s all about not demanding that life be anything other than what it is.

And it’s a bad slot machine.

  1. Jen Forbus says:

    Yep! Life can throw crappy things at you and those things can definitely pull you down. And they can be overwhelming. What I do these days is surround myself with all the reminders of who lucky I am, how blessed I am.

    For example, I don’t have a great house. The hard wood floors need to be refinished. The carpet upstairs is probably 20+ years old. The second floor windows need to be replaced. The fence around the back yard is ancient and needs to be replaced. I have large bald spots in my yard where the dogs play. When it rains, they’re mud pits. I need a new sidewalk because the cement is all cracked and breaking. I could go on like this for a long time, and there isn’t money to fix all these things or to buy some big fancy house in a up-scale development. But then I remember that I HAVE a house. I bought it myself – no cosigner, no spouse, no nothing! I make my mortgage payments every month and no one (knock on wood) is foreclosing on my home. I can have my two large dogs because I have a house and a yard.

    I may have all hand-me-down furniture, my decorating skills are crap and I’d much rather read than clean, but I’m still blessed with a home and a “family” and that’s pretty darned wonderful.

  2. BD says:

    When I’m walking around fuming (as per usual) that grass is green, birds sing & the world turns ’round ‘n round …I really want to punch that damn serenity prayer in the neck.

    Always pointing and laughing and sayin’, “When’re you gonna’ learn, dummy?!” Stoopid serenity prayer.

    p.s. I can only imagine what comes up when doing a Google image search for “shit sandwich.” I may have to search it myself just to see what comes up. ‘Moderate Filtering’ “on” of course. You know those craaaaazy Germans…

  3. tjs9261 says:

    BD..we live in the same house…d

    JF…don’t do the Google…

  4. ginny says:

    TJS – your editor says switch the responses to BD and JF!

    So now I feel guilty cuz there has been little shit on my sandwiches lately. But I still feel the pain of the misfortunes I see and read and hear about all over the place – some way too close to home. And on the home front – Jen is right – we are so lucky to have ours – remember our friend, Mags, whose house burnt to the ground a month ago, and her beloved pets with it.

    Tom – you just gotta look at life like the houndies do: food, nap, walks, mayhaps a belly rub or two and life is good. It always cheers me up just to see the joy with which they greet every day.

    Sally Sunshine signing off – I am sure I will find something to complain about before the day is done!

  5. tjs9261 says:

    thanx Sally…

  6. Kymm says:

    In this life where many of us have a daily shit sandwich or at least a little smeared on toast in the mornings – it seems to be easier to accept the bigger things that happen rather than the little myriad of things that can pile up on a daily basis.
    Bills pile up – letters come through the door reminding us – the dog goes missing – the kids are misbehaving – colleagues are on your ass and it is one thing after another that keeps adding to the pile and continues to cause stress and that pissed off feeling where we don’t seem to have enough middle fingers and want to say ”coitus’ you’ to the world!
    Yet – we deal with and ‘accept’ the bigger things ….even when it takes time. If we lost our house – we would be heartbroken – stressed – but we would accept it and work towards a solution.
    A broken heart – we hurt – we accept – we move on.
    Yet the constant drip drip drip of daily life seems to be harder to ‘accept’ and causes the most severe stress. (Severity levels being different for everyone of course!)

  7. Jen Forbus says:

    Thought you would appreciate that Simon Wood just tweeted:

    “Why is it that some days are ‘butter side down’ days?”

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