No Comment On Jennifer Aniston’s Pregnancy

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Jennifer Aniston, Uncategorized

…for obvious reasons. Please don’t ask.

This is a personal thing.


  1. Menzie says:

    Well. She IS 41. If she was ever gonna have a baby, she’s cutting it close!

    No worry, Tom. She doesn’t REALLY love him. She has this nagging feeling, still, that her soul mate is out there, somewhere, and she just hasn’t met him yet!

  2. Mark Terry says:

    is that real? I saw the headline on the cover of US or something like that and figured it was bullshit. Which, by the way, remains a question. Why isn’t there a celebrity tabloid titled BS?????

  3. Vinnie says:

    Can you really blame her, Tom? Even if this isn’t Sparta…

  4. tjs9261 says:

    Vinnie, the press never get anything right and I’m not posing without my shirt on…

  5. I would love to meet Jennifer Aniston one day just to shake her hand and give a hug! I would love to introduce my daughter to such a great woman!

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