FREE PSYCHOTHERAPY THURSDAY: Feeling Better vs. Getting Better

Posted: April 1, 2010 in FREE PSYCHOTHERAPY THURSDAY, Uncategorized
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Can you have any growth without discomfort?

Think hard.

I don’t think you can.

Unfortunately, a lot of therapy efforts are centered around making people feel better and not helping people get better.

Unconditional positive regard from your therapist feels nice.

Ventilating feelings feels good.

A massage feels wonderful, so does acupuncture, medication, a hot tub, meditation and listening to nice music.

Does any of it make you better?


You get better by acting against your fears and insecurities. You get better by confronting yourself. You get better by pushing yourself through things that suck, analyzing why you make things harder for yourself and then committing and following up with new behavior and thought patterns.

It’s uncomfortable.

It often feels like shit.

If you ran a therapy practice and were this upfront about things you’d go broke. People like things that make them feel better. They like to talk and be listened to. They like to ventilate.

People like the idea of magic, voodoo and superstition.

Working through discomfort, doing what you fear, addressing the tedious isn’t sexy. it’s boring.

And the only way to grow.


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