Sunday Dog Heroes: Sisters Sandy, Little Red and MLK’s Killer

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Dogs, Cats, Pets, Animals
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Brushy Mountain Prison in Tennessee is a serious place.

Barbed wire fences, walls and the surrounding mountain landscape make it one of the toughest joints to get out of.

In 1968 James Earl Ray provided our country with one of it’s ugliest and most tragic moments. He cowardly shot Martin Luther King.

Ray got sent to Brushy.

He worked out a lot but a lot of inmates do. In 1977, he and a couple of other did the unthinkable. They escaped and alluded capture for 54.5 hours. They think Ray built up his upper body so he could climb the fences and then survive the mountains. The escape put him deep in the thickly wooded mountain area and he knew his outdoors techniques.

Can you image what it would’ve done to this country if he was successful?

Meet Sandy and Little Red.

Bloodhounds have a sense of smell thousands of times more powerful than man’s. They can detect the fine layer of skin we are constantly shedding. They can pickup a sent 14 days old and follow it for miles and miles. Every year they find missing kids and old folks who have wondered off.

They also find bad guys.

Three hours after they got the two bloodhound sisters on the trail, the cops followed behind them for five miles while they ran  up and down a mountain, over a creek, around trees and past a rocky area until suddenly the hounds stopped over a bed of leaves. The sisters got giddy like hounds do when they quench the drive that sets them off to find something.

Ray had buried himself in the leaves.

Bloodhounds are the least violent of all breeds. When they find bad guys they usually jump up on them and lick them because they are so happy to have won their game.

James Earl Ray wasn’t giddy that day.

He lost the game.

Sandy and Little red won.

And so did justice.


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