Posted: March 9, 2010 in Conspiracy, Dogs, Cats, Pets, Animals
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Hey, those wacky Amish, aren’t they quaint?

Rockin’ the old gear, trippin’ in the horse and buggy and funkin’ up the facial hair.

Then there’s those great quilts, rocking chairs and even the infomercial-marketed fireplaces.

Screw you guys

Hard not love ’em and their old backward ways, ain’t it?

Well, the Amish can kiss my fat technology lovin’ ass.

They run puppy mills.

Bad ones.

I found video and I won’t show it because I hate that stuff but it’s got all the horribleness that you hear about.

The NY Post reported that they sell upwards of 20,000 puppies a year and rake in over $4 million.

The dogs are crowded in cages, in filth without socialization. When a dog is done getting pregnant over and over they get euthanized.

You know the drill on puppy mills. I don’t like talking about it.

The Amish do it.

And they can go to hell.

  1. Keith Boggs says:

    Lets load up the truck!!!

  2. tjs9261 says:


    In a real life raid, there’s no doubt, you’d get the call.


    ed.note- Keith is referencing something from OUT COLD about a puppy mill

  3. Christine says:

    Never, ever, NEVER will I understand how people can do this kind of thing…puppy mills, canned hunts, WHATEVER! It always makes me wonder how !*?#! idiots like those who run these things treat their families and other people. It’s scary, depressing and makes me so mad I can’t stand it! I gotta give credit to those who’ll record and/or report such abuses…it’s no small thing, particularly if it’s people they know that they are turning in.

  4. Cindy Adler says:

    They don’t think of dogs as being pets or part of the family. They think of them as a paycheck. I hate all puppy mill and backyard breeders!

    • so true. i have a sweet little female schnauzer who was shoved into the arms of a rep from a schnauzer rescue group in my state. she had reached the end of her usefulness, having lived in her crate for FIVE YEARS..where they eat, sleep, pee and poop through the bottom of the wire crate..and gave birth to as many litters as possible.if the rep had not gone to the “farm” and asked for unwanted dogs, my little sweetie would be in a mass grave behind that old coot’s barn. i have NO USE for those people, Amish or Mennonite and refuse to buy their products in the stores. Have personal experience with Mennonites regarding their hypocritical way of life…no phones??? HA! Take careful note of pay phones in “their country” , likely as not you will see a wagon and horse waiting for the owner to get off the pay phone. Probably calling Pa, who answers on his phone in the barn.

  5. Anna Rose says:

    They’re lousy to their horses, too.

  6. saidkhorram says:

    Now we can help the dogs in puppy mills to have a much better life. Please spread the word!!!!

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