The first Duffy Dog of the Week goes to Duke!

Duke with a favorite toy

Good ‘Ol Duke was found wandering the streets of Burbank California, probably sick of the television industry. He’s deaf and sometimes people without the appropriate level of patience will say he has “issues.”

Well, those people are assholes.

Shelly and Don were out in California visiting Daphneyland, that incredibly wonderful rescue ranch. The Basset Rescue Network got him there and he even got adopted out one time but got returned. He’d been at the ranch about a year when Shelly and Don came.

It wasn’t that long since they had lost Doc, one of their hounds. They were heart broken.

(Okay, if you’re not a dog person, you won’t get this part.)

Duke knew they were heart broken and he had something up his sleeve to soothe it a little bit. He attached himself to the couple for their six hour visit. He knew Don would need to be seriously lobbied and he took care of that.

When Shelly and Don left. Duke, of all the hounds at Daphneyland, followed them with his eyes. Shelly and Don looked right back.

It was a long ride back to Cheektowagwa. There was lots of time to think. There was lots of time for Doc to get in touch.

Just chillin'

So when they got home phone calls were made and logistics were worked out.

And Duke got an American Airlines ride to Buffalo. I’m guessing he didn’t travel alone. I think Doc was booked on the same flight.

Today, Duke travels the country with Shelly and Don to basset events. If he’s around you’ll know. His graceful baritone shakes the country side where ever he goes. (Click on the short video below to get a tiny sample.)

Resting after a busy day

Duke, influencing the selection process

  1. Delinda LaRock says:

    Nice selection for the first Duffy Dog of the Week, Tom. I couldn’t agree more about Doc having a hand in this one. I have had the privilege of meeting both Doc and Duke. Shelly and Don are great people and love their basset family so much. They are dedicated as it shows through their work at the Slobber Shoppe for ABC Basset Hound Rescue also. If your readers ever get a chance to attend a basset hound event for ABC Basset Hound Rescue, they should find themselves honored to meet Shelly and Don along with their growing basset family.

  2. marycunningham says:

    How could you not love Duke?!? Dogs lovers everywhere can appreciate Shelley, Don and Daphneyland. (the video makes me miss our Wilbur)


  3. Dawn says:

    The amazing duo Don & Shelley were very heartbroken during their visit. Duke immediately sucked up to Don and worked him so hard. The inevitable phone call a week later had our response: What took you so long?
    Duke sniffed out his forever home and a more perfect home could there ever be?
    We miss you Duke. Tell your foodslaves next visit, bring the motor home.
    Aunti Dawni and all of us at Daphneyland

  4. Karen Syed says:

    Duke is one handsome devil. And God bless Don and Shelley.

    THe vidoe made me think of my Waldo and Daisy. I miss them both terribly.

  5. Jen Forbus says:

    I love Duke’s toy! And that face is to die for. He’d really dislike me because I’d just want to kiss it!

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