Conspiracy Theory Tuesday: Babies Stolen Out of Incubators and Good PR

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Conspiracy, Uncategorized
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Remember 1990-91.

Of course you don’t.

We were getting ready to get the first Gulf War going.

One of the events that really rallied the public support was the testimony of a fifteen year-old girl named Nayirah, who testified through tears to the Us Congress that Iraqi soldiers were pulling Kuwaiti babies from incubators so they would die.

Check out the heart wrenching testimony.

Riveting, heart wrenching…and  totally fabricated.

Turmns out she was the niece of a Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, had taken acting lessons and had had her testimony arranged by the PR firm Hill and Knowlton.

Independent human rights monitors found out and deemed the testimony baseless.

Hill and Knowlton were paid $10.8 million by the Citizens for a Free Kuwait to do their PR.

But..conspiracy theorists are a bunch of nuts, right?

Out Cold, A Duffy Dombrowski Mystery is a story about a wacky conspiracy theorist whose terrorist predictions start coming true.

  1. D. B. Dean says:

    I was in the 8th grade and dont remember this at all.

    But what the government will do to get what it wants never suprises me ever…

    Wag the Dog comes to mind.

    Swing a little sind step – do a little dance and lead the people on.

    Man = consipracy tuesdays depress the heck out of me. You make me want to sell everything, go get a homestead up in Montana and life life by myself. OH WAIT = isnt that what happened at ruby ridge?

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