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Do people joke that you got a hint of obsessive compulsive disorder?

There’s nothing funny about OCD and if you know someone with it you know that. It’s paralyzing, it often leads to alcohol and drug use and it’s very painful.

Like most mental illnesses you have to meet a certain criteria to fit the actual diagnosis. That doesn’t mean you can’t have significant symptoms of OCD without actually having the official diagnosis.

So what’s the most effective way to treat OCD?

Today’s medication is a great help.

The other effective technique is called extinguishing. Extinguishing involves exposing the person to whatever causes the OCD and not letting them perform the behavior or ritual that gives them perceived relief.

So, if it’s handwashing, you don’t let the person wash their hands. If it’s checking on locks, you don’t let them do it, You teach them to relax in place of the ritual.

Does it work? Not quickly and not easily, but it does over time.

It involves dealing with a lot of discomfort.

Which it seems we can’t get around when it comes to growth.

  1. D. B. Dean says:

    we are creatures of habit. This is evident in OCD – the M.O. of a criminal – and even people without “issues”. Its why I know that my small child is going to do X before he does it. I dont have super powers…i just understand them better than they do themselves.

    My middle son got introuble a few days ago. He has been grounded (no square glowing screens and no friends over). He is grounded until I get 5 consecutive days where his teacher and grandparents who watch him after school report that he has controlled his temper and behaved. He told me last night it was to hard (after I reset the calendar again to zero)…I said…if I gave you a million bucks for controlling your temper for five days could you do it? He said YEAH. I said good than you can do it to get off getting grounded…you just dont WANT to enough. He rolled his eyes and said MOMMMMMM….

    Psychotherpay thursdays – making me a better parent every week. (note he got up out of bed without additude this AM and even helped his little brother get dressed which never happens…he really misses his X Box).

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