CONSPIRACY TUESDAY: Building 7 at the World Trade Center

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Conspiracy
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Remember Building 7.

Building 7 was the World Trade Center building that collapsed even though it wasn’t hit by a plane.

It was ruled that it collapsed due to fire.

No steel building of its kind has collapsed due to fire before or since 9/11.

Below are the tenants of the building.

The New York Times wrote that later the CIA admitted to having an office there.

Who cares? Well, Building 7 was the home for all the SEC files on many Wall Street investigations. As many as 4,000 files of SEC cases were destroyed. Files relating to Citigroup and Worldcom were destroyed.

One more thing. Guilani had an emergency management bunker built in there after the bombing of the WTC in 1993. He chose not to use it on 9/11

Tenant Square Feet Floor Industry
Salomon Smith Barney 1,202,900 GRND,1-6,13,18-46 Financial Institution
IRS Regional Council 90,430 24, 25 Government
U.S. Secret Service 85,343 9,10 Government
C.I.A. N/A N/A Government
American Express Bank International 106,117 7,8,13 Financial Institution
Standard Chartered Bank 111,398 10,13,26,27 Financial Institution
Provident Financial Management 9,000 7,13 Financial Institution
ITT Hartford Insurance Group 122,590 19-21 [Insurance]
First State Management Group, Inc 4,000 21 Insurance
Federal Home Loan Bank 47,490 22 Financial Institution
NAIC Securities 22,500 19 Insurance
Securities & Exchange Commission 106,117 11,12,13 Government
Mayor’s Office of Emergency Mgmt 45,815 23 Government
  1. Just A Girl says:

    Ah COME ON Tom…now your gonna tell me my crazy Bro In Law is right when he says that Bush planned the whole thing to give his presidenacy something to do.

    Sometimes a fire is just a fire and not a plot by the Ulminati to Secretly Rule the World…but What else are we gonna talk about on conspiracy tuesday… I am waiting for an Ulminati conspiracy –

    • tjs9261 says:


    • Suzanne says:

      Your flippant comment is more than naive, it is ignorant, but typical of the medi-induced negation of the world’s important events. It has become almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation about such events without being labeled a conspiracy nut.

      Much better to stick to thinking about X-Factor, considering the latest antics of our manufactured celebrities, or some other really important trivia, deliberately created to keep the dumb masses happy and diverted, than to observe what goes on in the world or the political arena. After all, such things only control our lives.

      Don’t worry, world slavery and poverty will incorporate you so slowly you will hardly notice, or feel anything. Resistance is futile.

      Go back to sleep.

    • Suzanne says:


  2. Suzanne says:

    Many thanks for the info – It’s just what I was looking for.

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