SATURDAY ROLE MODEL: Steve McQueen, The Great Ecape

Posted: February 6, 2010 in SATURDAY ROLE MODEL
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Steve McQueen.

How can anyone look so cool in a sweatshirt and khakis? He even looks cool throwing that weird body block into the Nazi guard. He made it believable.

Give him a motorcycle and it’s off the charts.

A baseball and glove and “Cooler” from the head kraught and Steve wasn’t flustered.

Maybe the coolest theme song ever and Attenborough, Colburn, Bronson, Garner, Pleasance make this the greates guy movie ever.

I feel like stealing an army motorcycle and going for a ride. I just might if I can get the theme on iTunes.

  1. catconnor says:

    It’s not just a guy movie! It’s always been one of my favorites.


  2. Paula Matter says:

    What Catconnor said! One of my favorite movies. That surprised my father years ago, then much more recently, my husband.

  3. Jen Forbus says:

    A sweatshirt and khakis? Darlin, would you like me to give you a list of people who look good that way? I could provide such a list.

    And do you even know how to drive a motorcycle?

  4. le0pard13 says:

    Steve McQueen definitely was the ultimate of cool. Even the great Bruce Lee (McQueen’s friend) said, “… that son-of-a-gun got a toughness in him.” And both of those guys were something special. iTunes (and Amazon) does have that theme, too. I’d offer up another great movie (and ensemble cast) that would help celebrate The Man: The Magnificent Seven. I think another Elmer Bernstein theme would work well, here. Steve’s scene stealing in that film drove Yul Brynner crazy, too. If you see it again, watch how McQueen preps as he and Brynner get ready to take that hearst wagon to the cemetery early in the film. Great stuff. Thanks, Tom.

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