Posted: January 30, 2010 in SATURDAY ROLE MODEL
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Can you possibly get cooler?

  1. Pasquale Palumbo says:

    He is cool as hell. He got screwed by the Academy; he totally should have won the Oscar for his part in The Wrestler.

  2. tjs9261 says:


  3. le0pard13 says:

    I agree with Pasquale. I think another very good actor could have swapped with Penn and MILK would still have been a very good film. Nobody other than Rourke could have played THE WRESTLER and made it near as good as it was. Only one actor could have carried it off, and it was him. Years from now, it’ll be his performance that people will look back on and wonder what the hell the Academy was thinking.

  4. TJF says:

    No, baby, you CAN’T get any cooler than Mickey Rourke…not then and not now! His is a timeless brand of cool, like, he wrote the book for all the guys who followed in his big footsteps…..Truly, he got robbed on The Wrestler….but I predict that he will win an Oscar with another great film, in the next three years. Mickey, you ROCK!

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