Animal Rescue – Mission For Mutts

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Animal Rescue – Mission For Mutts

Our adopted “daughter” Molly – in Maine watching Dad leave shore without her!

She adopted us when she was about 3, at least that’s the age we were given by the Miami Animal Shelter. Her first “mom” had died and a neighbor brought Molly into the shelter because there were no relatives to take her. Lucky us.

We’d been considering getting a dog because my husband traveled during the week and he knew I was getting a little lonely. Having always been dog lovers, a small, older pet was our first option. Adoption was the only option for us.

He missed Molly on his first trip through the shelter, but on a second trip (he felt compelled to give one more look) past the cages of older dogs, there she was; sitting behind two barking German shepherds. Ken asked to meet her and the rest is history; love at first sight.

Molly left us more than a year ago. We had 13 years with her, and if we’d had our druthers, we’d have 13 more.

But, back to the picture above. We were visiting dear friends in Maine who lived on a gorgeous lake. The first morning, we got up smelling coffee and welcoming the fresh Maine air; that is until Molly chased a skunk under an outbuilding and returned wearing her own “special scent.”

Our friends told us that the “special scent” remained in their home for several months. Fortunately, our friendship has lasted a little longer than that…over 20 years!

I’m sure Molly would want me to add a link to Hearts United for Animals,  just one of the wonderful places that keep shelter dogs and cats until they find a good home. The story about the beautiful little spirit we found, all those years ago, is not unique. Please share your heart and home with an animal that is truly in need. And, if you want to add a link for your favorite pet adoption shelter, leave a comment and enter a drawing for “Accentuate the Pawsitive,” a new WOOFers guide to realigning your life!

“Mind spinning? Mood Swinging? Middle sagging? Get used to it! When you reach 50, shift happens. But, you’re not alone. WOOFers to the rescue!”

Mary Cunningham – aka – Milkbone

And, as an added tribute, the story of Molly and the skunk is immortalized in WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty.

Mary Cunningham – aka Milkbone

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  1. Diana Black says:

    Thanks, Tom, for hosting WOOF today on our blog tour!

    I knew Molly and even had a dream about her two nights ago. Sweet spirit.

    My husband and I have adopted over the years 4 rescue kitties. Two are with us now and so much fun!

    It’s not possible for everyone to adopt rescue animals, but we can all do our part to ensure others who are caring for pets as they wait for homes, can provide the kind of support they need.


  2. marycunningham says:

    Thanks, Tom, for hosting WOOF today. I can’t believe your blog picture! I had a Bassett hound named Wilbur that was identical to your Wilbur! Anyhoo, happy to be here! We’d love to hear more rescue stories. For anyone stopping by, please leave your comments.


  3. Jen Forbus says:

    Hi Mary,

    Lovely post. Molly sounds like she was a wonderful part of your family. I am mom to six: two labs and four cats. My babies all came from different places, but my youngest two – calico kitties Amelia and Isabelle came from the Erie Shores Humane Society. They are a very small organization here in N.E. Ohio and are run exculsively by volunteers. They don’t have a shelter at this point, although it is a goal of the group. So, since they don’t have a shelter, they rely on the kindness of people to foster and adopt the many critters who come through their care.

    Here’s a link to their website:

    My mother is a volunteer on the area Animal Rescue Team as well as an active member of the Humane Society. We’re a family of animal lovers, so it’s always nice to hear from others!

  4. marycunningham says:

    There are so many stories like yours, Jen, especially in this economic downturn. More pets are being taken to shelters because their owners can’t afford to keep them. Thanks for putting up the link, and bless your mother and all shelter volunteers for their dedication! Here’s the local rescue in my area. They work tirelessly!

  5. marycunningham says:

    Hi Tom! WOOFers want Jen Forbus to know that she’s won a free download of “Accentuate The Pawsitive!” Jen, please check the WOOF Blog for details!


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