Posted: January 8, 2010 in FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR
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Do you wonder if people think you’re a total A-hole?

They might, but to know for sure if they do when you’re in a bar, here’s a quiz to let you know for certain.


1-3 Yes answers: You might be an A-hole

4-6 Yes answers: You’re probably an A-hole

More than 6: Sorry buddy, you’re definitely an A-hole

1. When entering a bar with fifteen beers on tap and 56 in bottles do you you ask the bartender what beer he or she has, wait until they recite all of them and they say, “I’ll have a Bud.”?

2. Are you likely to say to the bartender “Do you have Belgian Double Bock IPA Wheat Winter Fest?”

3. When he or she responds “No, we only have the Octoberfest” do you sulk?

4. At a busy bar time do your order cute drinks with 12 or more ingredients that have names like “Sex on the Beach,” “Slippery Nipple” or “A Michael Jackson?”

5. Despite having left college some time ago are you likely to try to scrounge up a game of Beer Pong?

6. Have you asked the bartender to turn off ESPN and change the channel to the “Friends” rerun, because you know, like, you can watch that show over and over?

7. Are you the guy that thinks that the waitress stand is a place to stand?

8. Is your favorite team the Red Sox?

9. Do you complain that the jukebox has nothing on it from Pink, Fiddy or Puffy?

10. Are you the guy that sits at the bar talking on his cellphone incessantly calling people who don’t want to meet you out?

  1. Jen Forbus says:

    Yesterday I earned the titles of “shanky ho”, “biblioslut”, “tart”, “vixon”, “dame” and the one I’m going to keep “femme fatale.” But, I’m happy to report, I don’t earn the title of “Happy Hour A-hole.”

  2. Jon Jordan says:

    I am not an asshole. At least no under these conditions.

  3. John Schnurr says:

    Scientifically confirmed – Not an A hole. Thanks Tom.

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