Posted: January 5, 2010 in Conspiracy
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Tom Schreck, author of OUT COLD.

The Lincoln assassination.

The Kennedy assassination.

Martin Luther King

Pearl Harbor


The financial bail out of the richest companies in the world.

The Bush/Gore election.

All have been speculated to be conspiracies. All the conspiracies have been debunked by experts.

To believe in a conspiracy is to voice your lack of trust in the world and the power structure that runs it.

Are conspiracy theories merely collective psychological defense mechanisms to help us conceive of monumental events? Are they just a way for us to deny that catastrophic things can happen randomly?

In OUT COLD, a schizophrenic, PTSD suffering patient winds up on Duffy’s caseload. He’s nuts and believes in every conspiracy ever. He also predicts future conspiracy-type events.

Then, they start coming true.

In the end it’s left for you to figure who’s nuts.

What is the healthy stand to take? Trust no one and believe the powers that be are out to screw us or blindly follow what the governments, the media and the “experts” tell us?Conspiracies?

  1. jjoshuajj21 says:

    We are being conspired against by Religion, Government, and Corporate “AUTHORITIES” who need to live off our mind and effort, without mutual benefits in return. So, since I cannot believe in the Status-Quo of unrewarded human sacrifice, I sought to utilize another amazing tool to get some real answers, and I have, and its so effective that I am now under the gun >>>> <<>>> <<<<
    At the bottom of each Matrix is the 1 chance in trillions or billions R-Factor, take notice, because it'll raise your eyebrows.

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