Posted: December 18, 2009 in Boxing
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Classic bar room argument stuff: who wins in an Ali v. Marciano fight?

The boxing historians answer quick and with assurance–Ali. Too much speed and movement and Rocky was just way too easy to hit.

They’re probably right.

The thing is fights aren’t fought in bar room arguments. And the reason you pay the extortion-like fees to watch pay-per-view fights is because you’re never quite certain what’s going to happen.

Rocky found a way to win 48 times. He never lost.

Ezzard Charles hit him hard enough to separate Rocky’s nose from the rest of his face.

Rocky won that fight.

Does that mean he’d beat Ali?

I wouldn’t have bet against him.

This clip is from the  campy “Computer Fight” that was shown for a few days across the world in 1969. Rocky was retired and Ali was in exile. Supposedly they fed data into a computer and it spit out how the fight would go. The computer scored a lot of rounds even (assuring that the computer would not get many more judging assignments after this bout.)

Ali is out of shape and Rocky is 46 and having a bad toupee day.

Legend has it that Ali kept jabbing Rocky’s wig off to be funny until Rocky hit him with a legit body shot.

Ali stopped.

In Europe the computer had Ali winning and in the US, Rocky won.

Make your own sociological assumptions but it was 1969 and something called Vietnam was going on.


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